Browse our gallery to see all the private Hush Studios, modern and clean shared areas and walk through the Hush House. See the romantic rustic vision that gives you the tingly feeling of "yes please...Hush is what I want for my wedding". Feel the tranquillity and peace oozing from every photo. Your Hush escape starts here...

Stylish Accommodation in Coromandel

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Happiness Studio

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Bay windows for dining

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Comfortable queen beds

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Haven Studio

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Acapulco chairs on the sun deck beside the stream

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Rustic garden seating

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Happiness Studio

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Hush For Your Rustic Wedding

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Hush boardwalks

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Outdoor bar and Rusty the VW

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Rustic wedding venue steeped in gold mining history

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Complete privacy for elopement weddings

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Boardwalk bridge

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Old vintage bottles perfect with foliage and candles

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Ceremony Deck

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Hair and Make-up styling at Hush

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Stunning lush photo locations

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Rustic cake arranged by Hush

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Private table setting for two

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Bright pops of colour

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Hush was the best accommodation we stayed in...

"We really loved your accommodation, it was the best one we stayed in during our trip. You guys put so much effort in all the details. You made it exactly right. Thank you for your hospitality and I hope many more people will enjoy your amazing place." Joanne & Roger via email